A sin is a sin is a sin…

Or is it?!?! I believe too much of our society dictates too much of what we have been taught is sin. By this I mean that what we believe to be wrong may indeed be a result of a close minded view of the bible.  I believe the bible is the word of God. I […]

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Everyone has one. No two are exactly the same. They eb and flow, they are ever changing. But everyone has one. When we share our stories we see lives changed, when we see lives changed we have a greater understanding of what we have been given, when we have greater understanding, we develop an outward […]

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Twisting, turning , this maze is burning like a wild fire.

Churning, boiling, the thoughts are rolling through my mind.

Darkness, light, they are in a fight, every side screaming that they are right.

Fear and doubt and hope, they shout trying to lead your way.

Choices choices, so many voice, dancing and taunting me in the alone.

Come if you dare, if you stay beware, the roses have withered away.