Moldova Deaf Camp day 8

Today we are all feeling attacked. The enemy is working hard to distract us. Issues at home, issues here, lack of sleep, long hours, close quarters….the list goes on. We are nearing the end of camp and the spirit is moving and kids are being drawn and the enemy doesn’t like it. He is defeated and he knows it but he isn’t giving up. 
Tonight I had a talk in front of the whole camp, but I specifically wanted to talk to the boys. Here the men, as a whole, don’t respect their women folk. Men tend to be possessive and rule with an iron fist. So they don’t really understand the idea of respect for women and loving women the way Christmas loved the church. So we had a talk about behaving and practicing the principles used to be a good husband, now with the women in their life. The boys seemed receptive. We will see if their behavior change these last days. 
I don’t want to leave. 


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