Moldova Deaf Camp day 7

Today is a strange day. Everyone feels off and the kids are unusually difficult. 

The Russian Orthodox church teaches that you go to hell for having tattoos. Apparently today is the day the kids feel comfortable enough to begin to question me about mine. I have had about 5 different conversations about them. They want to touch them. They want to know what they mean. They ask if they are permanent. They ask if I’m a Christian. Then they ask how I can be a Christian and have tattoos. That leads to tough conversations that require someone more fluent in Russian sign language than I am. 
They don’t understand grace at all. 

Then they ask me how old I am, because it’s one of the things they are learning in their ASL classes. That leads to “Are you married?” And then they heat leads to someone saying “Yeah he has kids” and another saying “no he isn’t married” and we circle back to how can you be a Christian? More conversations about grace. 

They still aren’t fully understanding grace. 

I don’t fully understand grace. 

I wondered all day why they kept asking these questions. Why today specifically. 

We don’t give alter calls here. Because time and time again the same kids came asking how to be saved, clearly they didn’t understand grace and forgiveness, so we don’t give them…usually. Tonight Ivan and the Moldovan leaders are doing a mini play. The power went out in the middle of the play. They finished by cell phone flashlight. They presented the gospel very clearly. Ivan decided to give an alter call. He did it a bit differently so hopefully there will be less confusion and less emotional response and more true response from being drawn by God. Lots of kids responded. 

And suddenly all the conversations about grace today made sense. 
Camp is almost over. But there is so much happening in these kids hearts. 


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