Moldova day 5…TEN YEARS

This year marks ten years of the Moldova Deaf Camp. Sundays are special days in this part of the world. Often times the day is reserved for resting and church, Russian Orthodox church. So we decided to do things a bit different today. We had church early today, and then we prepared for a party. Crazy hair, costumes, and make up. 
Somewhere during the late afternoon there may or may not have been some shenanigans that involved one bald headed American and a multiplying group of boys that threw a coup that involved taking over the pool at a time that may or may not have been authorized. 
The adults all did skits, the campers did skits of their own, there was a crazy hair conest. Since I don’t have any hair they kids decorated me….

The American team dressed in togas for our skit. There was a video taken…but that might have to wait till we have access to unlimited wifi. 
We are battling sickness, migraines, broken arms, and general fatigue. Please continue to pray for us. Especially Hahn as he will spend the next couple days deciding if he will have surgery here before heading home or have the surgery here for what will most likely a greatly reduced rate. 


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