Moldova Day 4

Today has been F. U. L. L. 
I lead the devotional this morning and continued the theme of my life for several years, I talked about loving our neighbor.  Then the coffee and devotion were done and it was time to wake the heathen hoard. 
Some of the kids were disappointed because we all did Zumba today, there was no prisoner workout with Shane. That will be rectified tomorrow. I have a great torture session in store for them. Hehe
There was some of the usual drama that goes along with 100+ kids in one place. Nothing too serious….
Till after lunch…and then it happend. As boys will do when they have free time, otherwise known as “Rest time”, they find ways to amuse themselves. Sometimes the sponsors get roped into the shenanigans. Hahn and a boy named Dan were arm wrestling. Now Dan is a stout built young man, but Hahn is fit and in very good shape. As they were arm wrestling they had exhausted their right arms and switched to the left, Hahn’s dominant hand. They reached a stalemate, when suddenly there was a SNAP and Hahn’s  arm slammed to the table and he yelled out in pain. By the time Jake and I reached him he was already going into shock. Took a bit but we got him loaded into the van and headed to the village doctor. After Hahn was on the way to the Dr we gathered all the kids together in the tabernacle and had a pRaymer meeting specifically over Hahn. Radiographs showed his bone was indeed broken, broken in three places between the shoulder and elbow. Two hospitals, three doctors later Hahn has a cast and is considering surgery here in Moldova. Taking Hahn to the hospital took our only two Russian interpreters and one of our directors. The kids were very excited and slightly upset. Took a bit to get them calmed down and refocused on something else, but we managed. 
Hahn is back in camp and I’m pretty sure they all think he broke his back because they act like he can’t do anything for himself. It’s sweet but its going to drive him crazy. 
The kids played a game where they have to sign/act out a scene in a movie as it plays on the screen behind them. They absolutely had a blast and the adults enjoyed watching as much as the kids enjoyed playing. 
All the campers got ice cream today and they thought it was wonderful. 
Tomorrow is a celebration of the 10 years this camp has been in existence. It should be a lot of fun. 
Keep praying for all of us. 


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