Moldova Deaf Camp Day 2

Random thoughts from today….
This morning I woke up at 4:30pm local time. The air was cool, crisp, and peaceful. I laid their thinking about all that the day ahead holds. Praying that God would reach down and touch these kids. That they would look at us and see Jesus. 
So part of my job here is to lead games and morning exercise. In fine gymrat form Hahn and I got up and got our own workout in before the kids were awake. It felt good to have kit a hint of normalcy mixed into this spectacular adventure. As the sun rose and the kids began to stir we got them all gathered on the football (soccer) field. We led them through a very mild version of the madness that Hahn and I have become accustom to doing every morning. The look on the kids faces was priceless. The expressions said very clearly “You expect us to do what?!?! I don’t think so!” About half of them just stood there staring at us. Haha! 
Breakfast was a version of egg cake, sour cream, sardines and tomatoes on bread, and chi tea. The food here is for sure different and definitely carb heavy. My stomach isn’t sure if it should be angry or happy. 
Apparently sleeping on all that I learned about Russian and Romanian sign language seems to have let some of it sink it,  as conversation at breakfast was a tad smoother this morning than it was at 9pm last night. 
No camp is complete without some sort of camper issues. Several boys are smokers, we had a fight today, seems as though two hearing kids have made it to camp, schedules are more of guidelines, however the important thing is ministering to these kids. 
It’s 9:52am and the kids are in bible class. 
I’ve been asked if I am the father of one of the directors (Becky), I was asked if I am married to Jan (Becky’s mom), and my tattoos are definitely causing lots of questions. 

The language skills of the kids here range from completely nonexistent to fluent in several languages. There is one boy here that has zero language, he manages to communicate but has no actual language. 
However there are somethings that are universal. These kids crave attention and communication. They congregate and their conversations fly like a flock of barn swallows. 

It’s kind of odd…or strange…or intriguing or all three at once, to be able to watch that the kids and pick out that one’s that are from the rural communities and the ones that are from the city just based on behavior, language skill, and mannerisms. Nine times out of ten you will be correct. The sad thing is that the reasons you can do that are a direct correlation to the kids opportunities in life, or the lack thereof. 

It’s 1:45 local time and we just finished eating lunch. I had buckwheat for the first time in my life. It’s interesting. But I’ll clearly eat anything if I’m hungry enough. Haha! 
Today as I sit here watching the kids play in their free time I am struck with a heaviness of how much is tsken for granted in my life. My access to language, education, the bible, clean drinking water. This is truly and humbling experience. 


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