Moldova day 3

Today was a good day. The kids were excited and the leaders are working out the kinks. 

The personalities here among the camp leaders is very diverse. To me it’s very cool to watch them solve problems that arise. They have rarely been given the power to problem solve. Therefore they aren’t practiced in it. So they struggle at times rectifying what they want to happen and the reality of what they have to work with right now. But they are doing it. It’s going to be really cool to see how smoothly everything runs by the end of the camp. 

The kids are very curious about my leg today. No one really noticed it till it started hurting me, and I put on my compression sock to support it. Suddenly everyone noticed it and wanted to know what was wrong. 
Every morning we start the day with some exercise. Today they gave the kids a choice. Stay with Hahn and do some Zumba, or go with Shane and “do prisoner workouts”…about half the boys (all the ones that act tough) and one girl come to the prison yard. Workouts typically only last about 10-15 minutes every day. They all want to “Get big and swole like you!” 
My team that has been here before warned me they would be all over me because they haven’t seen anyone like me before in person. I wasn’t sure of that, and it still doesn’t male sense to me really. Probably because I have a skewed view of myself. 

The kids are fascinated by my tattoos. They want to touch them and ask me about them, what they mean, if it hurt, will they go away. 

The food here is very different. Most of it is very good. But it is very different. Not many vegetables, not a lot of meat either. Today was the first day since being here that I didn’t leave the dining room hungry still. Fortunately my digestive system hasn’t revolted. Today the topic of what I normally eat came up at supper. The Americans even were shocked at how much food I eat in a day. The most shocking to them was the number of eggs I eat in the morning. (I eat between 8 and 10 eggs every morning)

Tonight someone is celebrating near by, Russian music filled the air, mixed with the sounds of dogs barking, and apples falling from the trees that fill the camp. 

I am in awe of the way Daniel and Becky deal with so many internal team issues with grace and love. Nothing phases Daniel. Becky is a type A personality and wants to control everytjing, yet I see her letting go and letting the Moldovans handle many things and accepting that they don’t have to be just her way. They goal has always been to train the people here so that it is THEIR camp and we are just here to help and support them. After 10 years it’s happening. Slowly but it’s happening. A large part because of Ivan. He is going to make an incredible leader. He already is but he will just get better. 

Today we had a boy decide to commit his life to Jesus. Which is pretty incredible because they don’t give an alter call like many churches. They lead by example and let God draw who He chooses. 

Pray for Daniel, Becky, Ivan, Jake, Jessi, Jan, Sydney, Hahn, Oleg(1), Oleg(2), Misha, Natasha, Vitally, Deema, Irina, and the rest of the Moldova team who’s names I haven’t mastered yet. We all run on not enough sleep and emotions run high and stress levels make small things seem very big. 


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