Moldova Deaf Camp Day 1

So my fellow leaders gave me grace and let me sleep till I woke up this morning. I went to bed about 12:30 local time and I woke up about 11:00 local time. Not being able to sleep on a plane stinks!
The busses showed up at 1:00pm with the kids. I don’t believe I’ve ever been hugged by so many people I’ve first met ever. Today was full of learning and relearning and forgetting names. 
The largest obstacle here is language. Hearing people speak two laguages, Romanian and Russian. Deaf people use Romanian and Russian sign language. If you didn’t know sign language is not universal and I know none of those languages. Haha! But it’s not.impossible to communicate, and I’m learning fast. 
One boy here spent about an hour giving me a brief run down of all he knows about the bible. From creation to the end of the world. The interesting thing is all the knowledge he has and yet he doesn’t believe. He has studied, read, asked questions, and yet he doesn’t believe. 
Apparently I have been given a new sign name. For those who don’t know a sign name is a gesture given to someone that usually is connected to a characteristic of that person. Sometimes that characteristic is physical body characteristic or a personality trait. Anyway I have evidently been given a new one…think Tarzan beating on his chest like an ape. Most of them do it with sounds effects included. Which is exceptionally funny as they cannot hear. Haha!
Things are very different over here. They are a very gender segregated here. The architecture is very unique. When I mentioned that it was very unique, Jake says “By unique your mean Russian?!?!” It very much has a third world feel to it, but it’s not exactly a third world country. No body smiles for pictures. Best explinations anyone can give is “Too long under communism” 

Tomorrow is our first full day of camp. 

Oh! The temp here is in the low 70’s high 60’s at night and 80’s during the day! It feels amazing!!!


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