A sin is a sin is a sin…

Or is it?!?!

I believe too much of our society dictates too much of what we have been taught is sin. By this I mean that what we believe to be wrong may indeed be a result of a close minded view of the bible. 

I believe the bible is the word of God. I also believe it speaks to our lives as often as we will listen. But I don’t believe it tells everyone the same thing. I think if we compare notes around the globe we would find some very interesting things that Christians all over face that we have never even thought about. 

I want to preface this next part by saying… I believe a persons past is in the past! They are forgiven and the Father remembers our sin no more! 

Somewhere between the time of king David and today men stopped marrying multiple wives…mostly. There are those in this country that still do that though few. However there are many people groups all over the world whos custom is to have multiple wives. 

I think most people in north america would say that a person would be in sin, or at very least it would be wrong to have multiple wives. After all how can two become one flesh if they are three?!? So we will move on…

A new believer in the African bush who has never heard of this “Jesus” before today, hears for the first time and his heart is won and becomes a brother. He is so excited he rushes home to tell his four wives all about it! 

Uh oh! 

Now what?!?! The bible doesn’t directly state what a person should do in this instance. If it does I haven’t read it and many other people dealing with this exact issue everyday haven’t read it either. So what do you do? 

Well only the first marriage truly counts in the eyes of God

So the other three woman should be “divorced”?! But God doesn’t like divorce? 

Well he should give them all three their own house and live as husband and wife with the first wife. 

A woman’s only support and “worth” in those worlds are her children. If she can’t have children she will be shamed and unable to support herself or remarry. 

There are many opinions about this particular situation, and it is just one of many situations that Christians outside of our tiny corner of the world deal with everyday! 

So how much of our view of sin, wrong doing, common sense, and such is truly shaped by our truly sheltered perspective here in america? 

May your days be full of sunshine, warmth, and ice tea. 

God bless the summer time!!!


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