Everyone has one. No two are exactly the same. They eb and flow, they are ever changing. But everyone has one.

When we share our stories we see lives changed, when we see lives changed we have a greater understanding of what we have been given, when we have greater understanding, we develop an outward vision for those around us, and when we develop an outward vision for those around us, we share our stories…and the cycle repeats.

But sharing our stories isn’t easy, as a matter of fact they can be the hardest things to share. For most stories are wrought with pain, shame, and failure. Those are not easy things to share. But most stories have forgiveness, restoration, and success in them as well. But none the less they are painful to share. 

Recently I have met a group of people who are the most wretched, broken, and dispicable people I have ever known. They tell their stories. They tell them boldly and often. They remove all facets of posing and pretending to be something they are not. When I first met them I was shocked that the things they share. Complete transparency. I was dumbfounded. I still am honestly. I keep thinking that I’m going to wake up from a dream. People don’t do this, this isn’t a safe thing to do. Yet they share. Over and over again they share. There is a magnetic force around them. People are drawn to them, to the blatant honesty. To this group that removes all masks and pretense. 

They ask questions, hard questions, ugly questions, the kinds of questions that polite church people don’t ask of each other. They look you in the eye ask the question and wait. They wait for an answer. They are not afraid of getting asked those same kinds of questions in return. These people are strange and unique. They do not care what you think of their story for it is theirs. They do not accept your judgement because they have been pardoned. They walk in freedom knowing no condemnation. 

They are but few now, however they will become many. For a force so strong as this cannot be held at bay. A magnetic pull such as this on earth can only be rivaled by the tides being pulled by the moon. 

Something is brewing…and it’s big. 

May we tell our stories boldly, may we tell them often, may we tell them honestly, for lives will be changed. 


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