Where does the church get off…

Teaching people and molding them by using guilt, manipulation, and shame?!?!?

For years I grew up thinking and believing that I was a bad christian. That I needed to do better, to be better, that I was inadequate. I grew up feeling shame and guilt for not measuring up to those around me.


None of us measure up. Your sin is not less or no more than my sin. You are not a better christian than I am.

My brother was born two years before I was…but he wasn’t more of my parent’s son than I was. When I screwed up and disobeyed and I was punished…that didn’t mean I was any less my dad’s son. Just because a brother or sister stumble doesn’t mean they are less than we!!!

When Jesus dealt with sinners, He didn’t condemn, he didn’t berate or belittle them. HE LOVED THEM!!!

He told them to go and don’t do that anymore. And guess what…we don’t get to know if they were successful or not. Why?!?!? BECAUSE IT DOESNT MATTER!!!

We are called to love! Not judge, not remind people of how depraved they are, LOVE!!! That is our calling!

Love The Lord your God with all your heart your kind and your soul. Love your neighbor as yourself. That is our calling.

So why do we feel the need to look down on our brothers and sisters that stumble? Why do we feel we have right to weigh in on someone else’s life.


Thatis our job.

Until next time…

May your ridicule cease, may your guilt be forever erased, may your shame be forever defeated, for these are the tools of the enemy.


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