That’s how many days its been since I posted here last. It’s been slightly less than that since I wrote anything.

I have been thinking about writing here again. I have been asked to write here again by a few people.

I’m considering it.

I’ve rebranded this site. All the changes may not have taken place yet. But this will not be the same site it once was. There might be hints of the old blog. If one of my current projects comes to fruition then there will be some hard things to read posted here.

It may not be a site you like to read anymore. It might end up being a site you avoid and unsubscribe from.

And that is all okay.

My purpose in the beginning was to have a place to put my thoughts down. To think out loud so to speak.

This is my place.

The things I write are usually deeply personal. Tend to be fresh and raw. This is the place I come to sort. To get things out into the open and see them more clearly. What I feel isn’t rosie and bright always. Often it’s dark and twisted. I have scars. They came from dark and very twisted places. A person can’t survive what I have and not come out scarred. The questions I have are hard ones. The thoughts I have are sometimes scary. The things I write and think about are real to me. They are struggles I face.

I am flawed

I am human

I mess up

I hurt people

I am a mess

If you want to see down the rabbit hole in my mind than stick around. If it is too much for you…I won’t be hurt if unsubscribe. If you stay…beware. It won’t always be fun. It will most likely be messy at times. But it will be a glimpse of me and the battles and feelings and struggles I face in a raw and probably unfiltered kinda way.

So here is to a definite…maybe…


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